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It is a normal human experience to hear voices. All human beings have a mental dialogue in their minds (self-talk) while many more hear the voices of other beings. As well as there being diverse experiences, there are diverse explanations for voices. 

Similarly, it is a normal human experience to feel fragmented or dissociated in your identity. We all play different roles in life which call forth different 'sub-personalities' within us. These sub-personalities can be in conflict with each other, especially if you have experienced trauma as a child.  

If you have learnt to bury or repress certain feelings or thoughts, these feelings and thoughts can then exert an unconscious influence on your psyche, showing up as voices, self-destructive behaviours, physical pain or myriad symptoms of mental pain. 

Voices or dissociations can also be a connection with the astral or etheric realms. Clairaudience is a natural and normal human ability, but if the experience is distressing or misleading, then help may be needed. 


working with VOICES & PARTS

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Literally the Universe is inside you, and that includes the answers to all mysteries. Working with your voices and parts is like solving a puzzle. Using a spirit of curiosity and courage, you can explore the terrain of your own psyche and discover many things about yourself and your relationship to life. You will find beliefs, thoughts and attachments that no longer serve you which you can then discard. You can then choose to create your reality from a new place of awareness. 

Having walked this path myself, I can offer guidance and ideas to help you, such as: 

~ voice/parts profiling

~ using the Maastricht Interview tool 

~ journaling and art 

~ voice dialogue

~ cultivating compassion 

~ raising your frequency 

~ cutting energetic cords

~ feeling and honouring your emotions 

~ resolving trauma  



explanations for VOICES & PARTS


Broadly speaking, there are three theoretical schools of thought that attempt to explain voice-hearing: 

1. Trauma theory: the idea that voices/parts are dissociated aspects of the self which have been created as a psychological defence against overwhelming and traumatising memories, beliefs, thoughts and feelings. 

2. Clairadience theory: the idea that the voices are beings or entities which exist in the subtle and etheric dimensions, and which are communicating with the person. 

3. Biological/illness theory: the idea that the voices are induced within the brain from neurochemical imbalances and/or toxic stress. 

It is possible that all three theories may apply to you, and all three may hold clues and keys for healing. 



major theoretical & lived experience contributions

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