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Short Course

Friday 28th June 2024
9:30 am -  4 pm 
House of Hope, Woombye West, Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Small groups of 8 people 


Voice-hearers, their loved ones and mental health workers


Includes 6 hours of training time and a printed theory book:

EARLYBIRD PRICES (register before May 6th 2024) 

  1. $290 for people participating on their own;

  2. $490 for people who require a support person or loved one to participate with them in the training.



  1. $330 for people participating on their own;

  2. $530 for people who require a support person or loved one to participate with them in the training..

This training may be fully funded by NDIS (if your NDIS package allows),


For privately paying participants, payment plans can be arranged to suit your needs (please enquire).


June 28th course is now fully booked. Please contact me and sign up to the newsletter to be informed about the next training dates as soon as they are released! 

Thanks for your interest, and I hope we will meet soon :)  

Making Sense of Voices 

An empowering short course about hearing voices 

This short course is a unique opportunity to understand and work with the voice-hearing experience in empowering and healing ways.

Many people hear voices; in cultures all around the world, this phenomenon is found. It is often associated with psychic and emotional sensitivity, but it can be a distressing experience.

Using a deeply authentic approach based on peer support, lived experience and the Hearing Voices Approach, we provide recovery ideas and tools so that voices-hearers and support people can respond in more compassionate and helpful ways to voices. 

Who is it for? 

This course is for people who hear voices, their loved ones and mental health workers. 


Voices may be intrusive thoughts or actual voices heard in your ear. While the course does not emphasise diagnoses, many people who hear voices have diagnoses of schizophrenia, BPD, DID or other complex trauma conditions.  


What will I learn? 

Using my lived experience of schizophrenia and dissociation, my lessons learnt from working with voice-hearers, and world-renowned research from the Hearing Voices Movement, this training offers:

  • An understanding of the different explanations for voice-hearing 

  • Confidence to talk about the voice-hearing experience 

  • A snapshot of tools and therapies that can be used to assist recovery

  • Connection with peers/others who have similar experiences 

Who is my guide? 

This course is facilitated by Louisa Dent Pearce, a Social Worker with her own lived experience of voice-hearing, recovery from schizophrenia, and experience working in trauma-sensitive ways.

Can I bring my support worker or loved one?

Yes. I have payment options for support workers or loved ones to attend with a participant. 



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