Short Course


WHERE: Baringa (West Caloundra) Sunshine Coast, Queensland


WHEN: Thursdays 4 - 8 pm 

DATES: 21st and 28th April, 5th May


COSTS: $330/person

Limited spaces - only 12 people. Please register below to secure your spot! 

Hearing Voices, Healing Voices 

Short course on the Sunshine Coast, 2022

This course presents a deeper understanding of the voice-hearing experience and ways to work with it. It applies to voice-hearing, dissociation and identity disorders, and troubling, intrusive thoughts. 

It is brought to you by a unique team – Louisa is a woman with extensive lived experience of voice-hearing and recovery from schizophrenia, and Lori-Beth is a highly skilled trauma therapist and mental health nurse. 


Together we help dispel myths, expand explanations for voice-hearing, and offer different possibilities for recovery. Using a deeply authentic person-centred approach, we provide recovery ideas and tools which can be offered to clients or used for yourself, if you are a voice-hearer. Perhaps more importantly, we seek to dispel stigma and fear, so that voices-hearers and support people can respond in more compassionate and helpful ways to voices.  

Who is it for? 

I encourage a mix of mental health professionals, voice-hearers and their carers/loved ones. We all have expertise and wisdom to share. 

What will I learn? 

Using my lived experience of schizophrenia and dissociation, my lessons learnt from working with voice-hearers, and world-renowned research from the Hearing Voices Movement, this training offers:

  • Knowledge on what's it like to hear voices and what it takes to recover 

  • Understanding of the different explanations for voice-hearing and how to work with these

  • Different tools and therapies that can be used to assist recovery

  • Confidence to approach voices with curiosity and respond in helpful ways. 


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