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In the darkness and stillness
Of your inner being

You will find within
A most wise and loving voice
That knows exactly what you need... 



Your story is not an absolute fact. Your story is a creation, and it can always be changed ... 

about The Voice Sanctuary

The Voice Sanctuary is a safe harbour for people who wish to explore and transform troubling thoughts, voices, internal conflicts, negative self-beliefs or difficult life stories. 

There are many reasons why people have these experiences, and it does not mean you're crazy or broken. Life brings so many challenges to us all; healing is about making sense of your experiences and integrating (accepting, loving and learning from) all that you are. 

At The Voice Sanctuary, I offer

General counselling

Help with life's difficulties, using trauma-informed perspectives and practical tools to help shift perspectives and release negative programming.


Voices and parts work 

Everyone has inner parts and many people also hear voices. If these voices or aspects of self are in conflict or are troubling you, then I can help you to explore them and integrate them. 

Embodied Processing (EP) 

EP is a powerful yet gentle way of working somatically with your body and sub-conscious to help release blocks and negative emotions, and find the origin of trauma. 


This the process and art of telling your story via mediums such as memoir-writing, art and film-making. Telling your story is liberating and life-changing. With practical and emotional guidance, you can heal old wounds, lay to rest regrets, and re-write your future. 

My methods 

I never use one modality because people are so different, but I draw on Embodied Processing Therapy (somatic work), narrative therapy, art therapy, Voice Dialogue (inner child and parts work), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and metaphysical techniques (e.g. dreamwork, guided visualisations). 

Specialist help

While I always "look beyond the label" of a diagnosis, I can offer particular skills when working with: 

  • Schizophrenia

  • Bi-polar disorder

  • Psychosis, mania and non-ordinary states of consciousness 

  • Borderline Personality Disorder 

  • Dissociative Identity Disorder 

  • Complex trauma 


Voice and parts work

Specialised therapy for working with voices or parts of the self. 


Telling your story

Story Mentoring in small groups provides knowledge and support for you to explore and write your own story in a healing way... 


Courses, Groups & Respites 

Check out upcoming courses, respites and groups, both in person and online... 


Self-help resources

A collection of written and filmed materials which can help people. 


about Us

Louisa D Pearce

I am both a Social Worker and a person with lived experience; I have recovered from multiple diagnoses of mental illness and I devote myself to life-long learning about human psychology, spirituality and evolution. 

I have also been a published author and book editor, and I now use these skills to help people capture tell their stories in writing and art.  

More about Louisa

Mark Pearce

Mark is a mental health support worker and an award-winning documentary film-maker. Mark brings his passions together to help people capture their life story or message on film.  

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I accept TPR (The People's Reserve) currency

TPR coin is a local, decentralised way to exchange services using a native digital currency that is tied to the price of Gold and therefore stable and reliable.

I can offer sessions for 100% TPR coin. Please contact me for more details... 

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