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STORY mentoring


Telling your story can be one of the most healing things you will ever do.

Your story is your gift, to be carefully unwrapped by you. 


You may also choose to share your story with the world, to help others on their path in life. 


Stories can be told in any medium - writing, art, craft, photography or film, to name a few. And you don't have to be an accomplished writer or artist to do it. Stories told humbly or simply are often the most powerful, and besides - the real benefit is for you.



about the course

Have you ever wanted to write a memoir or tell your story? 

Every person's story, no matter how humble, is important and worthy. Every facet of your experience is unique. Every trial and tribulation has a greater meaning, and comes with a gift. Every person has a shadow, every person has a buried treasure. You (and your story) deserve to be honoured. 

Story Mentoring Program 

Come on a life-changing adventure with me as I show you how to chronicle your own life in a way that provides clarity and healing, while also helping you to stay emotionally safe. 


You can join a group program or travel solo! Either way, you will learn: 

  • Where your story originates

  • How to change your story for healing 

  • How to write about your life compassionately

  • How to work through trauma aspects of your story

  • Different ways to tell your story (e.g. using words, art or craft) 

  • How to present or self-publish your story for an audience  


Your guide 

As a professional author, social worker and person with lived experience, I offer diverse skills which can assist people in crafting their story for therapeutic benefit. I can assist you with technical advice on story structure, syntax, style and publication, as well as assist you to stay safe during the process and use the experience of telling your story as a healing and transformation tool. I have personally used my own stories to aid in my own recovery (see Books & Videos)  

  • Available now
  • Online or in-person (Sunshine Coast, QLD)  
  • Bespoke tuition, guidance, support and feedbac

Session fees are on a sliding scale from $120 - $200 for 60 minutes, depending on your financial means and funding arrangements.


Can  be funded under NDIS as a capacity-biulding therapy.  



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upcoming dates & prices

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