Individual counselling is for many people a key ingredient in their transformation. This is because human beings are relational creatures; we learn best through empathic resonance - by observing, interacting and tuning into each other. 


At different stages in life, we need guides; people who walk a little ahead of us and can show us the way, or people who will simply walk beside us and listen. I see you as an expert in your own life and I recognise the divinity and light within all people and all experiences. 


I have many ways I can assist people and I draw from a range of modalities including the Hearing Voices Approach,  narrative therapy, voice dialogue, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), schema therapy, internal family systems therapy, peer support, mindfulness and shamanic practices. Some of the ways we can work together: 

Voice work 

I can help you identify and work with different voices or aspects of yourself; this work is integrative and deeply healing, and is one of the major aspects of my own recovery journey.


Maastricht interview 

A one-off, in depth interview using a clinically designed set of questions to help you understand your voices and increase insight for recovery.  

Story mentoring

I can mentor people who wish to write their memoirs or capture their stories in other mediums, such as art or film. 

General counselling 

Tell me what you need and I'll follow your lead :)  

How an individual guidance session looks for you will be completely unique and will depend on your own needs and inclinations. I have some of the services listed below, but if you don't see what you're looking for, please ask! 


I can also provide support and guidance for family and carers.