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Sunshine Coast Support Group


Voices and Visions 

An empowering information and peer support group on the Sunshine Coast

Do you hear voices, or do you experience unusual states of consciousness, such as psychosis, clairvoyance or waking dreams? Do you care for someone else who does?  

When I began hearing distressing voices in 2010, I found my way to a Hearing Voices support group which was a major source of comfort and inspiration to me at a very difficult time of my life. I felt validated by my 'tribe' and it helped me to unravel the shame around the experience. 

Hearing voices is a broad term for the perception of communicating with unseen beings, or with parts of the self. It can be accompanied by psychosis, mania or dissociation, and other sensory phenomena, like seeing visions.

And it can feel lonely and distressing.

This support group is a space to learn from and help each other. Using a deeply authentic approach based on peer support, lived experience and the Hearing Voices Approach, we dispel myths, explore explanations for voice-hearing and non-ordinary states of consciousness, and offer possibilities for recovery. We challenge stigma and fear, so that voices-hearers and support people can respond in more compassionate and helpful ways to voices.


This group is facilitated by Louisa Dent Pearce, a Social Worker with her own lived experience of voice-hearing, recovery from schizophrenia, and experience working in trauma-sensitive ways.


WHEN: current confirmed dates

~ Thursday April 4th 

~ Thursday May 2nd

~ Thursday June 13th 

~ Thursday July 4th 

TIME: 10 am - 12 pm 


WHERE: Maroochy Botanical Gardens (meet outside the café and we will walk to the undercover shelter)


COST: Free or By Donation


Support workers and family/loved ones welcome too :)



Please either message me on 0490 165 654 or register via the EventBrite link below: 

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