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7th - 11th March 2024 | Sunshine Coast 

For psychosis, mania and non-ordinary states of consciousness


The Voice Sanctuary is pleased to offer a bespoke respite program for people who have experienced psychosis, mania or other “non-ordinary states of consciousness”.

These experiences can be a stigmatising and extremely challenging, deeply impacting a person’s life, worldview and confidence. Yet there can be gifts and positive outcomes from the experience too.

This respite provides a peaceful, trauma-informed space, facilitated and supported by people who have lived experience as well as mental health training. It is a unique opportunity to: 

  • Learn about non-ordinary states of consciousness, with knowledge drawn from psychology, spirituality and indigenous cultures;

  • Enhance your self-awareness and develop a meaning and language which helps you to integrate your experiences;

  • Learn to balance your energy and regulate emotions;

  • Enhance your self-care practice;

  • Build social connections with peers;

  • Take a break from family, carers or other support networks


We have designed our program for people who have experienced psychosis, mania or non-ordinary states of consciousness, and who are currently stable in their mental health and are able to practice self-care. 

Our referral process includes an intake interview, to make sure our participants are suitable for this program, and will gain benefit from it.


Spots are limited, so please book soon, or enquire if interested.



7th - 11th March 2024



Peaceful private homestead on 40 acres of rainforest, on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, with access to a pristine swimming hole and a waterfall. 



Maximum 4 participants and 3

lived experience facilitators



Mix of Individual mentoring, private time and group program


Support ratios of 1:2 and 3:4 during the days, and 1:4 overnight.



Cost per person: $4,000

This respite may be fully funded through NDIS as a Short Term Accommodation Respite (STA).

Private clients welcome too - payment plans are available. 

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