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ISBN 978-0-9875838-2-6
10 x 8''

Published 2013

PAPERBACK - The Little Girl That Nobody Wanted

  • The Little Girl that Nobody Wanted is an allegorical story about rescuing the inner child. Part picture book, part written reflection, it was written during a hospital stay when I was hearing voices and wanted to understand why, Simple to read yet profound in its wisdom, this book is a helpful guide to healing from childhood wounds.

    The story is a mythical depiction of myself split in two and a clear explanation for the original cause of hearing voices. Daisy is the girl I allowed others to see for most of my life, while Rose is the part of me that was repressed and wounded.

    I believe there is great value in allowing the unconscious or disassociated parts of ourselves expression. I gained many insights from this book about why I hear voices, and I hope others will as well. Rose’s story may be useful both for voice-hearers and for any person who has experienced childhood difficulties.

    It was only after the story was written that I analysed it, and because this process was also illuminating, I have included it as Part 2 in this book. It explains the various themes and lessons that the story contains, which might be helpful for readers to reflect on.

    Whoever you are - voice-hearer, carer, clinician or curious traveller - I hope you enjoy the story and that you are inspired to continue your own journeys of healing, and that you have the courage to follow the path back to your beginnings, back to find the parts long ago abandoned…

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